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Rockstars Slope Stabilization

Rockstars Slope Stabilization

RockStars Slope Stabilization handles all aspects of geo-hazard stabilization services. Our Team has 50 plus years of experience combined in the industry. We specialize in extreme Geo-hazard mitigations in setting such as rail lines, roadways, and mines. We have E-RAIL SAFE, SPRAT, MSHA, ACI trained Nozzle men. Licensed explosive personnel.

Limited Access Capabilities

  • Helicopter Access-Only Situations
  • Long-Line Capabilities
  • Fly In-Fly Out

Emergency Services

  • Temporary Roadway Protection
  • Rock Scaling
  • Boulder Downsizing
  • Trim Blasting
  • Off-Hauling of Material
  • Response Within 24 Hours Nationwide

Rockfall Mitigation

  • Rockfall Barriers
  • Attenuator Systems
  • Draped Mesh Systems
  • Pinned Mesh
  • Split Sets
  • Landslide Remediation
  • Rock Scaling
  • Grouting
  • Boulder Downsizing
  • Trim Blasting
  • Wire Rope Lashing
  • Rock Bolts
  • Rock Dowels

Slope Stabilization

  • Soil Nails
  • Shotcrete – Inclusive of Colored, Cut, and Carved
  • Tie Backs
  • Micropiles

Drilling & Blasting

  • Trim Blasting
  • Hard Rock Excavation

Rope Access

Rope access is a form of work positioning that’s an internationally recognized, safe alternative to traditional methods of access, such as scaffolding, elevated work platforms, and cranes.

Our experienced and SPRAT-certified rope access technicians use a twin rope system for all work where one rope is used as the “working rope” and the other as a backup or safety rope. Supervision is provided by experienced and competent SPRAT level 3 supervisors.

About Us

Rockstars Slope Stabilization, LLC was established in 2023, bringing a combined five decades of experience in the rockfall industry. Justin Laviolette and Timothy Newberg created this company to bring the highest levels of expertise in slope stabilization, rockfall mitigation, and drilling.

Rockstars specializes in slope scaling in remote locations and helicopter access by ropes and long-lining. Our #1 priority is safety and only employing the highest level of trained employees. All of our experts are level 2/3 SPRAT trained. Rockstars works with Class 1 railroads, short lines, government agencies, private entities, and more.